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First Aid levels 1-3
12.04.2017 - 13.04.2017




To enable staff members of companies to carry out the tasks of a First Aider within the workplace according to the requirements of the OHS Act 85 of 1993.

First Aid Level 1 – Teaches the basics of effective first aid. This first aid training covers a broad variety of emergency medical subjects/modules. Learners are provided with the theoretical information and practical skills necessary to initiate and apply first aid treatment in the workplace or home environment.  First Aid level 1 is an entry level training course on emergency principles and is accredited through the Department of labour and Health and Welfare Sector Educational Training Authority (HWSETA). In the first aid level 1 course, learners will know how to perform basic life support and first aid in emergencies. 
First Aid Level 2 - Is for those who need to achieve a more advanced level of first aid competency. This first aid training covers the theoretical and practical skills needed in the workplace to meet health and safety standards. Level 2 first aid training is ideal for designated first aiders, health and safety managers and anyone who needs a first aid certificate for their occupational qualification.
First Aid level 3 - This training is designed to assist learners with the emergency protocols that need to be followed to ensure the correct responses given when responding to any emergency situation. This course will enable the learner to take leadership in emergency situations.  More focus is place on serious injuries and illnesses to ensure that employees are equipped to deal with any emergency situation which requires advanced first aid. This will depend on the level of risk employees are exposed to and the type of industry.
Level 1
•Principals of emergency care, safety and emergency scene management
•Artificial Respirations
•One Man CPR
•Airway Obstruction
•Wounds & Bleeding
•Shock, unconsciousness & fainting
•Fractures & splinting
•Head & Spinal Injuries
•Practical demonstrations and participation by each learner in the practical exercises
Level 2
PREREQUISITE: valid First Aid Level 1 certificate
•Level 1 content plus
•Chest, hand, eye injuries
•Multiple Injury Management
•Environmental Illnesses
•Poisoning, bites & stings
•Chest pain & paralyses
•Management of soft tissue injuries
•Foreign object management
•Elementary & Applied Anatomy & Physiology
Level 3
PREREQUISITES: valid First Aid Level 1 and Level 2 certificate, high level reporting and administration.
• Understanding the laws of first aid
• Providing CPR (including for children and infants)
• Understanding potential hazards in the work environment
• Treating wounds and stopping bleeding
• Identifying potential poisons at work and home
• Knowing what first aid is needed for different types of injuries
• Using the correct equipment and safety precautions when administering first aid
• How to assist in emergency childbirth
• Learning the anatomy of the body
Practical demonstrations and participation by each learner in the practical exercises
Level 112-13 April 2017Time: 2 days (8h30-16h00)
Level 217-18 May 2017 Time: 3 days (8h30-16h00)
Level 326-28 July 2017 Time: 3 days (8h30-16h00)
Venue: Graham & Rhona Beck Skills Centre, Robertson
Bookings. Contact 0236261833 or mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for enquiries.