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Brightstar Personal and Leadership Development
03.04.2017 - 30.11.2017


We hereby introduce you to the Bright Star Personal and Leadership Development Program.  

The program aims to develop personal and relationship skills to aid people to live their lives excellently and to be more effective leaders.

If we want people to reach their potential in leadership and personal excellence we need to ensure that the basic building blocks are in place. Most people in your organisation may have obtained various professional qualifications, but the other three pillars for an excellent and productive life, namely personal skills, relationship skills and leadership skills are usually assumed – something that should be in place automatically.  The Bright Star Program fills this gap.

The program starts by looking at managing your thoughts, who or what is in control of your life, your self-worth statements, your life purpose and values, as well as priorities. We also facilitate discoveries in relationship skills and introduce tools such as behavioural styles, dealing with conflict, emotional mastery and communication. If you have not mastered these skills, you will continue to struggle in your position as a leader.

To ensure maximum productivity, team co-operation and synergy, it is important that the morale of staff members and the work environment do not become a barrier, but rather contribute to successful service delivery and the achievement of goals.  All team members of your organisation should operate as professionals and should be trained and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure service delivery in excellence.  

We propose the Bright Star Program to assess, equip and train the team members over a period of 19 hours with the necessary personal and leadership skills tailor-made for their environment.  The program will ensure that the staff members are not only equipped to work as a team and provide an excellent service, but also have the necessary life skills to be mature role models who will positively impact the lives of their team members and fellow colleagues.  

The Bright Star Program aims to empower your team with the necessary personal tools to:

$1·         Cope with the stresses within their world

$1·         Discover their life purpose and values

$1·         Make the right choices based on their identified values

$1·         Prepare them on a personal level to face daily demands

$1·         Empower leaders to have the confidence and the knowledge to be agents of change


At the completion of this course the participant will be able to:

·         Take responsibility for their decisions in life

$1·         Be aware of their own values and how it influences their decisions and life

$1·         Know their own self-worth and understand what self-respect means

$1·         Know how to prioritize action plans to achieve their life-purpose

$1·         Understand different behavioural styles, their own as well as the teams'

$1·         Draw on methods to control their emotions

$1·         Communicate for understanding

$1·         Keep the argument out of the disagreement

$1·         Establish personal boundaries

$1·         Do strategic planning

$1·         Be a good role model

$1·         Understand team dynamics and identify where they are currently in the team

$1·         Use skills to motivate others

$1·         Gain skills to empower the team

The maximum number of participants per group is 12.

Learning material are available currently in two languages, but can be translated in-house if necessary. Facilitators make use of their mother tongue where possible.

The duration of the program is an 18-hour presentation and 1-hour personal mentor session. It can be presented in three full days or different sessions not shorter than 2 hours per session (e.g. 9 x 2 hours or 6 x 3 hours), but we recommend the three full day sessions.

During the personal 1-hour mentor session each principle is discussed and strategized for application to the participant’s lives and position within the company.

After completion of the program (three modules and a mentor session) a detailed report on the program is presented to top management.

Each attendee will also receive 17 e-mails over a period of a year, reminding them of contents learnt and discoveries made.

The Bright Star Program can add value to the company in the following aspects:

$11.       Employees who understand how to manage their own lives will be employees that are efficient and excellent in their work. Therefore the company can expect that the level of excellence in the workplace will improve.

$12.       The atmosphere in the company will change positively when employees are challenged to stay true to their values and to make a choice for excellence.

$13.       The relationship within working teams will improve because of a better individual understanding of themselves, their relationships, communication and conflict.

Teams work better when it is understood that every person is a leader.  Positive energy is the result when each person accepts the responsibility to be a transformational leader.

The Bright Star Program is accredited with the Services Seta under Compass Academy of Learning (Accreditation number: CK2007/234303/23) with NQF level 4 and 12 credits.  

The unit standard ID no: 242824 and the unit standard title is: Apply leadership concepts in a work context.


Contact the Skills Centre at 023 626 1833 for more information.