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Basic Supervision
27.06.2017 - 29.06.2016


Just imagine: Until a few weeks ago you were a normal worker in the production line/ on the farm and you received your orders from your owner/ farm manager or another supervisor. They gave you instructions of what to do and how do to it and you were doing it. 
Recently you were promoted to a supervisory position yourself. Now suddenly you realize that this new job is not so easy after all. Before you had to deal only with the work itself but now you have to tell other people what they have to do!  As a supervisor, you're the one in charge, but you know all too well that your job description doesn't even begin to cover the many roles you actually fill. 
In today's world, supervisors and their teams have more complex relationships than ever before. Every new supervisor should attend some kind of formal training before costly mistakes or formation of poor supervisory habits take place. This course is provided to new supervisors or those that have been supervisors for some time, as a practical way of getting a supervisor off to a successful start.
New entries to the supervisory level to middle management that were not formally trained in managerial skills
Functions of a supervisor
Effects of Good Supervision
The Management Process
basic Tasks
Control / Check:
Time Management
Use Time Effectively:
Tips for More Effective Time management
Additional Management Tasks
The supervisor and his team
Productivity and Quality Improvement
Problem solving
Dates:  27-29 June 2016                                   
Time:  3 days (08h30 – 16h00) 
Venue: Graham & Rhona Beck Skills Centre, Robertson
Bookings at 023 626 1833 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it