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MS Excel Introduction
08.06.2017 - 08.06.2017
Graham Beck Skills Centre -


MICROSOFT EXCEL 2007 (Introduction)
US 116937: Use a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based spread sheet application to create and edit spread sheets

Overview objectives
This one-day course is designed to help a delegate to obtain the basic skills required to create and use a spread sheet using MS Excel. Delegates will learn to enter and edit data, create formulas and format elements for a worksheet.

Course re-requisite
Windows XP/Vista: Introduction.

Who should attend?
Any delegate wanting to obtain basic skills in using a spread sheet, such as updating data, applying formatting, printing, and making basic calculations.


What is a Spread sheet
Distinctive aspects of a spread sheet program, Benefits of using a Spread sheet Application
Starting Microsoft Excel
Starting Excel, Layout of Excel
The Excel Screen
Identifying the different parts of the Spread sheet
Doing Input in a Spread sheet
Moving the Cell Cursor in the Spread sheet
Different Methods
Entering data in the Spread sheet
Typing in Cells, Changing column width
Saving a Spread sheet
Closing a Spread sheet Document
Opening an Existing Document
Copying Cells
Selecting Cells to Copy, Copying information to other cells
Creating Formulas
Adding a Range of Cells, Copying a Formula to Adjacent Cells, Adding Non Adjacent Cells, Using the Autosum Button, Creating a Formula to Multiply/Subtract/Divide Cells
Deleting Data from Cells
Changing Data in Cells
Practicing Formulas
Different types of Cells in a Spread sheet
Data cells, Label cells, Formula cells
Editing a Spread sheet
Selecting Cells/Rows, Copying/Moving a Row, Selecting/Copying/Deleting a Column, Deleting Cells/Rows, Selecting an entire Spread sheet
Formatting a Spread sheet
Changing the Number of Decimals Displayed, Creating Borders, Changing Row Height, Changing Column Width, Aligning of Text, Changing Font Name, Size and Colour, Creating Shading, Inserting Columns
Spell Checking the Document
Spell Checking Selected Cells, Spell Checking the Entire Document, Setting up a Custom Dictionary, Adding Words to the Custom Dictionary, Setting the Automatic Spell Checker, Deleting a Custom Dictionary
Finding and Replacing Text in a Spread sheet
Using the Automatic Fill Feature
Using the Fill Feature to Create a List of Numbers, Using the Automatic Fill to Create a List of Consecutive Dates
Printing the Spread sheet
Print Previewing a Spread sheet, Printing a Spread sheet with Gridlines
Using the Help Function
More Printing Options
Selecting a Row to Print on Each Page, Changing the Number of Copies to Print, Changing the Settings to Collate the Pages, Using the Help Feature to Learn more about Print Options
Creating a Budget
Creating a Copy of a Document
Saving the Document under another File Type
Opening an Excel Document saved in Web Format
Opening an Excel Document in Text Format

Venue:  Graham & Rhona Beck Skills Centre

RSVP:  Enquiries and bookings @ 023 626 1833


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