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Tractor Maintenance
28.06.2017 - 28.06.2017
Graham Beck Skills Centre -


Invest in the care of your equipment as you would invest in the care of your people.

The effective care of your equipment is a cost saving factor in these economically difficult times. This course focuses on demonstrating to your staff how to better care for tractors (for which they are responsible) through the application of proper preventative maintenance.
Tractor Operators
What is the purpose of Tractor Maintenance - love for his tractor and care
How does the following work:
An interior band engine. - Insight leads to supervision
Air systems -Regular monitoring and maintenance of air filters
Fuel system
Spread the system - cleaning diesel and wrong practices, the importance of oil and grease
The Electrical System
The Cooling system
The importance of:
Oil and Grease
Regular monitoring and maintenance of the battery
The purpose of:
Refrigeration system and its care
Three-point system
Services and part replacement
The dangers of tractor maintenance:
Removing wheels and marking the brakes and clutch.
Three Point system
The tear points
Services and checklists – examples
Time:  1 day (08h30 – 16h00) 
Venue: Graham & Rhona Beck Skills Centre, Robertson


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