The Code of Practice as stipulated in the Government GAZETTE, 18 FEBRUARY 2005, requires that all lifting machine/equipment Operators are trained regardless of the capacity of the lifting machine / equipment by accredited providers. Further, the code of practice covers the criteria and guidelines for lifting machine/ equipment operator facilitators, assessors and providers. The lifting machine/equipment codes denote the different types of lifting machine/equipment that are covered under this
Code of Practice primarily lift-trucks (also known as forklift) and cranes. An accredited provider ensures that every learner is granted sufficient theoretical and practical training to enable the learner to attain the prescribed competency level according to the assessment criteria of the applicable unit standard. The training course duration and instruction conditions stipulated that learners without prior training or experience shall be trained for a minimum of 40 hours, of which a minimum of  50 percent shall be devoted to practical operating instruction where the ratio of learners to facilitator shall not exceed 4.   Forklift Operators are assessed against the unit standard 242974 – Operate Counter Balanced Lift Trucks for licensing. Forklift Operators (New licenses & refresher after 2
years) received training in Lift Truck & attachment identification, Part & functions of lift truck, Principles of operations, Safety rules, Daily checks, Refueling & charging batteries, Mechanical appreciation, Log books, Load recognition Maneuvering, clearances & practical driving. The Forklift Operator is responsible for operating a forklift to move, locate, relocate, stack, and count merchandise. The Operator is accountable for the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle and may also
be required to perform Order Filler and Checker duties. A good sense of balance, the ability to judge distances and eye-hand-foot coordination are all important skills for a forklift operator

Tractor Operators are also to be trained in accordance with the national traffic regulations and licenses are to be optained for all tractor drivers using public roads at any time.

All spraypump operators are furthermore  introduced to the safe handling and function of spray pumps which focusses on Safe operation of spray pump equipment, Purchasing of products, Personal safety, Storage and maintenance of breathing apparatus, Application of chemicals and the discarding of empty products & containers. A summary of responsible handling of plant production- animal safety products, first aid and fire fighting tips and a spray pump & tractor control list are also provided.

Date Title Type
03.04.2017 - 30.11.2017 Forklift Operators/ Drivers OPERATORS TRAINING
04.04.2017 - 30.11.2017 Tractor Operator/Driver OPERATORS TRAINING
16.05.2017 - 16.05.2017 Safe handling of tractor with spray pump and chemicals OPERATORS TRAINING